About Old Car Disorder

Cars and trucks have always been a part of my life.  As a young boy, I remember my Dad always tinkering on cars and trucks in his garage. One of Dad's pastimes was driving through the local used car lots in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, just to see what they had and to see if there were any interesting trade-ins.  Well, I guess some of my Dad's behaviors rubbed off on me, as I'm always "spotting" old cars as I'm driving around Northern Minnesota and all other places my travels take me.  I always have cars in the yard and it seems that there is "always room for one more".  When driving around with my family and I make a "wrong turn" they'll ask where we're going, I've been know to say "I gotta go back and look at that one!".  While vacationing in Arizona, my son and I were out for a ride and it seemed like every block had an old car I wanted to drive by and look at.  When we were heading back, I asked my son "did you see that one?" and he replied "Dad, you have Old Car Disorder!", which began the OCD journey.  As time permits, I'll have more designs available as they are currently cruising around in my head.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

Customized T-shirt

The designer looks over a couple of his favorite old vehicles while wearing the two-sided Old Car Disorder T-shirt.

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